Personal Training

Personal training is not only for the elite.  Everyone can benefit from personal training and everyone sometimes needs it.  Who is pt for?  You, me, everyone, we all need some help now and then.

Personal training is specifically that.  Personal!  Tailor made for you.  Goal orientated for you by you. We all have different goals and ambitions so it stands to reason that what you like someone else might not.  We are all different with different abilities, likes and dislikes.

I will specifically cater a program for you based on your desires, likes and goals.


There are several options regarding PT Pricing

You can train with a mate
PT X 2 $25 pp $35 pp
You can train with you PT X 1 $35
You can train at your house
- Extra cost for time travel
PT at yours
 1 hr min  1 hr min

1 hr
You can train in a small group
"1hr session only with each of you
having a 10 min power blasting"

PT X 4 $80

Pt sessions can be quite expensive with some pts charging up to $120 per hour.  The normal rate is around $70 p/hr.  Most people have trouble affording this so there are heaps of options.

Blocks of 10 or 20 sessions available at a discount. 

Ask for details
Personal Training