Weight Loss Success Stories


Hi Linda,

I am going through a lot of old photo's and putting together a presentation for my Dad's 70th Birthday on Saturday Night.

I am in shock at what I am seeing. I don't think I really ever realised how big I actually was. It seems strange, but I never thought I was that overweight. I see these photo's and look at some of the more recent ones and see what a difference 12 months makes. Meeting you and joining the Glowing Results Team has made such a impact on mine and Julies lives. This before photo was taken on the 1st of January, 2009.


Andrew - Weightloss - Before - After


" January 2008 New Year's resolution;  Get my life back on track.  I had some idea, but needed help from an old friend called Lorraine.  One day I received a flyer in the letter box someone within the area marketing their Personal training business with the added service of Nutrition.  I gave them a call to discover the alliance with my old and dear friend Lorraine.  My life changed from the moment I made that initial call to Linda!!  I have not look back; 48Kgs later Linda has given me the motivation to achieve anything as long as I put my mind to it, because it's all up to me.  I have hit low points a number of times through my journey, and Linda has guided me back onto the path.  Weight loss is a journey of courage, determination and will power, and Linda is an excellent motivator, But it was all up to me on how much I wanted to succeed because creative excuses were not going to help me at all!!!! "


It was November last year... I was dreading getting into bathers and was thinking I could no longer use “I’ve had three kids” or “I’ll just wear bigger track pants” or “It’s too cold” as excuses. A neighbour mine mentioned this “Crazy Linda Chick” who supposedly produced amazing results through nutrition and Boot Camp.

So I stopped procrastinating, picked up the phone and called her. Straight away I knew this woman meant business! I signed up but was a bit worried – fearful that the other people in the class would be mega-fit super stars and I’d be the weak fat chick! But not so! Everyone was so welcoming and supportive. Linda’s number one priority is to HELP YOU FULFIL YOUR GOALS. She’s shown me it’s the choices I make that cause the results.

I started Boot Camp in November and by December, had numerous family and friends commenting on how healthy I looked. I felt so energized. In January I started the nutrition component, and with not much effort – and a hell of a lot of support from Linda – lost 8 kilos in just over 2 months.
Put quite frankly, Linda’s amazing. She’s been unfit. She’s been overweight. She knows the traps you can fall into. She realises and appreciates that sometimes you’ll fall off that “be fit, be healthy” bandwagon. And she doesn’t make you feel bad because of it... She helps you pick up the pieces, without being patronizing, and gets you back on track.

Put your faith (and a little bit of time) into Linda and her methods and you will reap massive rewards. STOP PROCRASTINATING! DO IT!! 9717 4608! PICK UP THE PHONE! SEIZE THE DAY!!!