The Journey

Glowing Results core is Personal Training, Nutrition and Massage.  I am a qualified Personal Trainer (Certificate III, IV and Diploma of Fitness) and Massage Therapist, (Certificate IV) with extensive knowledge in Nutrition(Certificate of Nutrition).  I have been thoroughly trained in boxing, bootcamp and kickboxing by attending workshops with world champion trainers.  I am thoroughly up to date with the newest trends in training with a scientific base not just because someone says so.

In my former life, I was “fat, really fat, had no time, always had lots of excuses, couldn’t be bothered, had the kids, it was all too hard, too confusing, I didn’t think I was important, I loved all the wrong foods,” - Does this sound like you……….

How many boxes have you ticked?

If you were like me you would have ticked more than one.

Learn from the Personal Trainer that has been down the fat road, thin road, sad road, mad road. I don’t want to turn you into me; I just want you to be aware and concerned more about yourself and what you are doing in your life than you are. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Choose to be wise, educated and worthy.

At Glowing Results, Linda Mancino (Director and Owner) is passionate about educating, informing, motivating and enthusing her clients into a life of Health and Wellbeing which incorporates the body and mind.

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