Thanks to Linda and the team at Glowing results, I am fitter now, than when I was 50 !

In fact I am fitter now, than when I was in my 30’s or 40’s.

I guess that when you turn 50 you reach a cross road – you can choose to put your feet up and just “ recline “ into old age or else invest in a decent pair of runners and be totally amazed with what the old body is actually capable of !

I chose the second option and am so glad I did.

Sure, over the years I have tried all the latest and greatest fitness programs and techniques ..... Once the novelty wore off so did my commitment.

GLOWING RESULTS is so completely DIFFERENT. . I have had three years with Linda and it is like I have been given an EXTENDED WARRANTY ON MY BODY . I thought my body was wearing out but alas I soon learnt that it was just that I was not using it properly.

  • I could not run from one lamp post to another without feeling like I would collapse ..... Now I enjoy the buzz of fun runs . I was pretty proud of myself when I took part in and completed the half marathon.
  • I had never heard of the BEEP test ........... Now making it to almost “ 9 “ ........... Not bad for a nana with six little grandsons !
  • I struggled to finish the one minute time trial ..... Now I come in under 4 min 20 sec
At Glowing Results you train with a fantastic group of people ......... all different ages , all different abilities . Everyone looks out for each other , keeping everyone motivated.

This journey has been so much fun . Nothing has been a real effort , working at my own pace to achieve my immediate, short term and long term goals. Linda is like a guardian angel - checking your progress from all kinds of vantage points . She is always there with words of encouragement and advice ( both physically and mentally ) .

What sets Linda apart from the many others that have gone before her is that she “ really cares “ She cares about you and your goals ...... She genuinely celebrates your achievements and should you slip off track as we all inevitably do, she will be there to guide you back in the right direction.

I encourage anyone to give it a go ............. It will be one of the best things you do .



Over the years I have tried every diet program, fad and pill ever invented, typically I would lose some weight but in the end I would fail to sustain that unrealistic way of life and put the weight back on. I started Boot camp with the primary objective of losing weight but was bitter and resentful at the fact I had to get up at some ridiculous hour of the morning to exercise because only then could I fit time in for myself.  I was fast approaching my 40th birthday so my intention was to just do it for a couple of terms to get kick started…..  That was over 3 years ago and not only have I had results on the scales but my entire lifestyle has under gone a total transformation. These days I can’t imagine not starting the day taking care of my most important asset….My Body.

Any one can give you the tools you need to lose weight and get fit but Linda does more than that, she makes you believe in yourself by encouraging and motivating you to be the very best you can be.  I couldn’t run 1km with out stopping when I first started and thought I had reached my full potential when I ran a 5km fun run, but recently I ran a half marathon.  I laughed and resisted entering initially, even with a week to go I didn’t think I could make it but Linda believed I could.  As a result of her providing the tools and encouragement I needed to succeed I have found incredible confidence and self belief that has ultimately affected other areas of my life.

The most important lesson I have learnt though, is that a healthy lifestyle isn’t a destination, it is having a healthy mind and body that can take you on an amazing journey to any where you want…………..

Thanks to Linda and all the other fantastic people I have met through Glowing Results I feel Incredible and I am addicted to a healthy way of life…………


Over three years ago I contacted Linda at Glowing Results as a last resort –I was middled aged, unfit and out-of-shape but found it hard to get into exercising and eat correctly - something I've done on and off over the years but have never been able to keep up for an extended period of time.

Now, instead of something I should do, my boot camp sessions are something I look forward to and derive a great sense of achievement from. It is fun, personal and most importantly, I can see and feel how my body has changed for the better.

Linda at Glowing Results has taken into consideration my specific needs and goals and keeps adding to it as I progress and to keep it interesting. Linda has also helped me with nutritional advice and guidance, her training sessions keep me motivated and challenge me.

On my first boot camp I ran 2.6 on my beep test (a very unfit score) and fainted I have never been an athlete in fact l always came last in every school race, but have just completed a half marathon I would never have achieved this without Linda’s advice, motivation and interest in my achievements.

I am stronger, fitter and in the best shape I have ever been! Exercising is now a very enjoyable part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without it!".


The old me:

After leaving university and entering the workforce I began to put on weight, a lot of weight. I was full of excuses; “I’m too busy to make my own lunch, too late to cook dinner, I play sport and I just can’t lose the weight, I need to reward myself for the horror day at work by eating a massive amount of chocolate, and maybe a piece of cake too”.  Before I knew it, I was squeezing into size 20 clothing.  But instead of changing my perspective, I blamed genetics as many members of my extended family are overweight or obese.  I just began to accept that this was my lot in life; it was just the way I was built, nothing I could do to change that.

Changing my focus:

After my first pregnancy, I put on more weight.  During my second pregnancy, I developed gestational diabetes. This was my wake up call; you have to have a focus and a reason to make a lasting change when you’re in over your head like I was.

This was when I took my first step on one of the most important and ongoing journeys of my life.  I called Linda.  At the end of our initial meeting, Linda looked at me and said without doubt or hesitation, “You’ll get it (health and fitness) back”.  With those simple words I had found someone who believed in a better me.  That is the way that Linda operates.  You’re not just a client, she actually cares about you as an individual.  It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are, the Glowing Results team caters to a broad spectrum of ages and abilities.


Hard work is not negotiable to get results, but Linda and her team have an uncanny ability to get the best out of you every session, and it becomes enjoyable and addictive to work hard and get the most out of your most valuable asset, your body.

I couldn’t run 1km when I began doing boot camp in 2009.  I have since completed the 10km event in the Melbourne Marathon in late 2009 and the 14.7km run for the kids in 2011. 

Boot camp and Pregnancy (Yes, you can!):

In late 2009 I was pregnant again.  I continued to do boot camp under Linda’s guidance throughout my pregnancy right up until a few days before having my baby. 

Linda’s support and willingness to continually expand on her amazing knowledge bank helped me to safely keep active.  I had a healthy pregnancy, no diabetes and a healthy baby.  I was back at boot camp doing a modified program 6 weeks later and a year down the track I have lost 24kg’s and have a half marathon in my sights.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my ongoing journey.  Linda has provided me with the tools that I needed to change my health, fitness, and confidence for a better quality of life.  Her boot camp and her nutrition program are a non-negotiable part of my daily routine and past habits are just that… in the past.

Take the leap of faith, put yourself in the very capable hands of the Glowing Results team, and enjoy every minute of what I can assure you will be an awesome journey.



Andrew Norman

Q: Name:

A: Andrew Norman


Q: Age:

A: 37


Q: Occupation:

A: Customer Service Manager – Engel Distribution Pty Ltd


Q: Is your occupation easier now?

A: In my job weight hasn’t really factored in. If my occupation involved more physical and manual labour then the answer would be definitely yes.


Q: Age you started to have eating problems? (No such thing as a weight problem, it is all about eating)

A: Eating problems developed back in 1998. I was eating take away every day for lunch rather than making my own meals. The closest take away was either KFC or McDonalds with no other options. Not learning how to cook meals at an early age was a problem when being left to fend for myself for long periods of time and not eating healthy meals.


Q: When you started boot camp?

A: My first training session was on a Wednesday Night, Term 1, Week 2 this year (9th February, 2011).


Q: What was your “I have had enough of this body moment?”

A: I had found that I was struggling to find clothes that fitted me in the wardrobe. When clothes shopping I noticed that the number of X’s kept on increasing.

Q: What is the difference is your mindset now?

A: With exercise and good nutrition it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. I have lost weight before but I have always put it back on with interest.


Q: Biggest Achievement thus far?

A: My biggest achievement was to run the 5km Run Melbourne in a time of 35:35.


Q: What is your long term goal?

A: My long term goal is to get to my ideal weight and attempt a Half Marathon (21.2km).


Q: Hardest obstacle so far?

A: Diet was the hardest obstacle until taking on Linda’s nutrition program. The nutrition program in conjunction with exercising on a regular basis has helped me continue to lose weight consistently each week.


Q: What is the main issue that you still face everyday?

A: The ease of takeaway versus preparing a meal. Regularly we would buy takeaway because it was easier than cooking a meal when we got home. To overcome this we prepare meals and have them in the freezer.


Q: Any other comments or word of advice for people wanting to change:

A: One of the best things I have found with bootcamp is the bootcampers. Motivation and encouragement from not only Linda and her team of trainers but other bootcampers is the key. Everyone has their story and is happy to share the good and the bad and encourage you. I have lost 30kg’s in just over 6 months, something that would have been impossible without the help of my wife Julie, Linda and her team and all those that I have trained with.


Update.  Andrew has now lost 50 kilos in under 12 months. It is a journey and even when he reaches his goal Andrew is now coming to the realisation that this is a way of life.  Exercise and a healthy eating plan are non-negotiables.

Christian Paige


Christian Page




Technical Lead Engineer

Is your occupation easier now?


Age you started to have eating problems?  (No such thing as a weight problem, it is all about eating)


When you started boot camp?

February 2011

What was your “I have had enough of this body moment?”

My partner and I had some professional photos taken of us for our Engagement and it was then that I realized how overweight I looked in the photos so i went and bought a set of scales and to my shock realized I weighed in at a shocking 138.7kg. It was time to change as I have been over 100kg since I was about 15 years old, and I have been over 120kg since I was about 17.

What is the difference is your mindset now?

I think before I eat, whereas I used to just eat eat eat and eat and not think about the consequences involved.

Biggest Achievement thus far?

Changed my life: I have stopped smoking, Lost 23kg, and now can run 15km

What is your long term goal?

Long term goal is to weigh below 100kg    DOUBLE DIGITS BABY!

Hardest obstacle so far?

Quitting smoking

What is the main issue that you still face every day?

Over eating…. I find if I write down everything I eat I'm guaranteed to lose weight for the week, If I don’t write down what I eat then I over eat because I’m not conscious of what I'm eating.

Any other comments or word of advice for people wanting to change:

Set yourself small achievable goals, small steps lead to success.

Don’t do it for others but do it for yourself!