Boot Camp

There are various classes and options available to cater for most fitness levels.  Our speciality is boxing which is incorporated into many of the group training sessions. No previous experience is necessary.  

The flagship fitness camps run school term to school term.  Committing to at least 9 weeks of training 3 times per week, will see you get results.  You need to put in the time and effort.   Just signing up isn’t enough!  By the time week 3 comes around you will be jumping out of your skin with more energy and excitement for life.  

There are 11 Bootcamp sessions currently running.

Monday - Friday Morning
6am to 7am
Monday night
Saturday morning
Monday Wednesday and Friday midmorning 
9.30am to 10.30am

* Morning classes are currently run at the Laurimar School Gymnasium 
* Night classes are held at the Laurimar Primary School in the undercover area....(you won't miss it)
* Monday and Friday Midmorning classes are held in the Laurimar Community Centre - Hazelglen Dr Doreen  and the Wednesday Midmorning class is held at the Park on the corner of Brookwood and Lakeland


Term 1  22nd of Jan   - 24th of March........ 9 weeks

Term 2 11th of April -     25th of June.......... 11 weeks

Term 3    11th of July  -   17th September..... 10 weeks

Term 4  3rd of Oct    -     24th of December.. 12 weeks

*Book now to avoid disappointment

If you are unwell or can’t make a session you can do make ups at any of the other sessions as long as we have previous notice that you will be missing a class and when you will do the make up. 

Before you start any of the Fitness camps you will undergo a full assessment to make sure you are ok to start a training program.  If we pick up any problems in this assessment we will send you off to your doctors for clearance before you commence.  In this assessment we will talk in depth about goal setting and what you expect out of fitness camp.  We want you to be fully prepared for your journey.

If you think that we maybe tough; you’re right, we are tough. I want you to get the most you possibly can from this experience and realise that at some point in your life you have to take ownership for yourself and who you are and stop blaming others and whinging about your bad luck.   The funny thing about life is the harder you work the luckier you get.


Cost of the fitness camp is dependent on the number of weeks in a school term but works out to $11 a session whilst training three times per week

All casual classes are $15 per session.

You will get valuable information every class about your body and every class is different

I am always available by phone email or text if you need some motivation or have any questions.  I don’t know it all but are always willing to go that extra mile for you and find out or point you in the right direction.

Reassessments are a constant reminder as to how close we are to achieving our goals.  Reassessment is usually about every 2 months.  If you require closer monitoring that can be arranged too.

Laurimar Boot Camp